With 52 member programs across the country, the National Alliance of Trauma Recovery Centers (NATRC) provides technical assistance and training, facilitates a collaborative learning community, and serves as a catalyst to advocate for just and equitable healing services for all.

Together, we’re creating a world where every survivor of violence gets the help they need to heal by increasing access to trauma-informed care for all people impacted by violence and systemic inequities.

The TRC Model

Promoting Survivor-Centered Healing

and Removing Barriers to Care

Survivor-Centered Services

Include assertive community outreach, trauma-informed / evidence-based mental health care, and help with practical needs.

Overcoming Barriers

Identifies and overcomes barriers that survivors face in order to get the help that they need to heal.

Advocacy & Support

Coordination across complex medical / legal / financial / housing systems that many survivors must navigate.

Reducing Healthcare Disparities

Multidisciplinary teams provide evidence-based psychotherapy to target symptoms of distress and increase safety.

Inclusive / Non Siloed Services

TRCs serve survivors of all types of interpersonal violence: physical assault, sexual assault, domestic violence, community violence, hate crimes, immigration trauma, homicide loss.

Reaching Underserved Communities

Services are provided within a social justice / culturally responsive framework.

Rejecting Stigmas

Rejects stigmatization of people seeking mental health treatment.

Cost-Effective Results

Evaluates the model to ensure it is both treatment effective and cost effective.

Trauma Recovery Centers

52 Across the Country