The National Alliance of Trauma Recovery Centers (NATRC) is focused on removing barriers to care and transforming services for survivors of violent crime, especially those from underserved communities and those impacted by systemic inequities. Our vision is a world where every survivor of violence gets the help they need to heal.

UCSF developed the comprehensive, survivor-centered Trauma Recovery Center model of care that combines assertive outreach, clinical case management, and the use of evidence-based and evidence-informed mental health services to promote healing and post-traumatic growth. Since the model began to be replicated in 2013, our UCSF NATRC team has provided technical assistance, training, and ongoing support and advocacy to help new TRCs effectively implement this evidence-based model. There are now 44 TRCs in 10 States and our national network continues to grow.

Be part of a dedicated team driven by promoting and protecting the health of people and communities.

Social justice and racial equity are core values of the National Alliance of Trauma Recovery Centers. We are passionate about building and sustaining an inclusive and equitable working and learning environment for all. We strongly encourage and seek applications from people of color, including bilingual and bicultural individuals, as well as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.

Please check back periodically to see the latest opportunities.